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Hard Rock Café International onboards its new hires a bit differently than most companies—and that’s exactly how it should be, according to Jim Knight, senior director of training and development at Hard Rock Café International Inc.’s School of Hard Rocks, the company’s corporate university. “We’re a different kind of organization. We have little hierarchy, and focus on fostering individuality. We encourage Mohawks, tattoos, body piercing, and colored and spiked hair. And we look for those who want to be themselves—anyone with a touch of irreverence and unpredictability.”

Which is precisely why Knight’s first order of business when he assumed a leadership role within The School of Hard Rocks several years ago was to reinvent the company’s onboarding materials to better resonate with this target audience.

“I looked a lot at the audience and focused heavily on finding a way to be more Millennial-friendly. The 19-year-old Hispanic busser with long hair is the guy I’m trying to reach. So the questions were, “What is it he’s looking for? How does he want to receive information? How can I inspire him?”


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