Bin gerade über eine 7 Punkte Liste gestolpert, die beiden für mich wichtigsten wollte ich Ihnen nicht vorenthalten:

person writing on white paper
Foto von William Iven

Never give in on Quality
Old saying but very true – a high quality team with a vacancy is faster than that
same team with an addition of a lower quality candidate. Very hard to keep true to
this under pressure. (das sagen wir uns bei spring als Mantra auch immer wieder vor)

Attract first, decide later
In particular in technical recruitment, there is risk that the interviewing team
challenges the candidate more than they are selling the company. By design we want
all candidates to want to work for SP after being interviewed, regardless of our
opinion in terms of fit. Firstly, it puts the ball in our court; where it should be.
Secondly, we want rejected candidates to be positive about SP in their respective
networks. (völlig richtig, nur machen wir das leider auch in schöner Regelmäßigkeit falsch)

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