Die Vortragsreihe garantiert ausländischen Messebesuchern rund um die Uhr mindestens einen Programmpunkt in englischer Sprache. Mit von der Partie sind außerdem der britische Managementexperte Paul Bridle, der Platz 12 der „Top 20 Most Influential Leadership Gurus“ belegt, und der niederländische Wissenschaftler Fons Trompenaars, einer der Meinungsführer in punkto interkulturelle Kommunikation. Michael Lazan, General Manager von „The Arbinger Institute“, das in 15 verschiedenen Ländern vertreten ist, stellt seine Theorie der „self-deception“ vor.

Krank im Urlaub
Krank im Urlaub

Das Programm im Überblick:

Practical Forums | September 9th 2008

10:15, FORUM 5 hall 5.1

The New World of HR: Coping with Chaos

PhD Dennis Briscoe,University of San Diego and International Management and Personnel Systems (IMAPS)


This is a lecture about the New World of HR. Everything has changed and every organization and every person is affected. The lecture focuses on the six forces that have caused everything to change and have created a world of constant chaos. After discussing some of the consequences of these six forces, the lecture closes with a look at how individuals and organizations can cope with these changes and „learn to thrive on chaos!“

12:00, FORUM 3 hall 5.1

„Liebe und Arbeiten“ – love and work

Dan Baker, PhD, Senior Consultant and Analyst, Talent Plus

Sigmund Freud was asked what constitutes a successful life, he responded, „Lieben und arbeiten“ – love and work. In business, what constitutes a successful organization? People who love their work & love their organization. While work/life balance has become popular in contemporary literature, it is not easily defi nable given the complex dynamics of humans. An approach that yields a defi nitive & engaging answer is a sense of purpose, health & relationships. Consider the possibilities for any organization that incorporates this idea into its corporate consciousness & culture.

12:45, FORUM 7 hall 5.2


Doug Stevenson, presented by GABAL Verlag

Doug Stevenson’s Story Theater Method is a unique approach to choosing, developing and delivering stories to make a point, teach a lesson or sell a product or service. Attendees will learn how to craft a story with the Nine Steps of Story Structure, and how to create emotional triggers to engage their audience.

13:45, FORUM 6 hall 5.2

Moving from Management to Leadeship – the key to your business future success

Paul Bridle, presented by GSA


As businesses face the challenges of the modern world, what is required of managers and leaders at all levels of the organization is changing. In this session Paul Bridle will share his current research into effective organizations and the people that lead them. He will give us an insight into what top performing organizations are doing and how leadership will need to evolve in the future. He will also show how to defi ne the balance between effective leadership and effi cient management.

14:45, FORUM 7 hall 5.2

Attaining a competitive position through developing the emotional competencies of human resources

Dr. Mark Baker, TQU Akademie GmbH

The business of business is making a profi t. Success lies in gaining and maintaining a competitive advantage in the global marketplace. However, in the global marketplace, competitors have access to the same supplies, fi nancing, technology and HR. The only area in which a company can attain and maintain a competitive global advantage is in the emotional competencies of its HR. The return a company receives on its investment in developing emotional competencies is the balance between the costs of ineffective performance and the benefi ts of effective, innovative and creative performance.

15:30, FORUM 5 hall 5.1

Riding the Whirlwind – Connecting People and Organisations in a Culture of Innovation

Fons Trompenaars, Director of Trompenaars Hampden – Turner


In a recent survey we concluded that organizations believe that a diverse and inclusive workforce leads to increased creativity and innovation, crucial for attaining superior business results and continued success. Diversity enhances creativity and innovation: clients become more diverse and global and so must their partners. Creativity, fl exibility, energy and innovation create tremendous success. These kinds of abilities and skills are not found in homogenous, uniform teams, but in those that are rich in multiple perspectives, skills and experiences. Fons Trompenaars will show how a winning team is made up of individuals who can demonstrate different strengths and, in fact if a team does not embrace these different strengths, then it will not have the important dynamic to move forward and innovate.

Practical Forums | September 10th 2008

12:00, FORUM 3 hall 5.1

The Science of Talent: Care, Dream, Risk, Expect

Dirk Spindeldreher, Senior Director, Talent Management, West Paces Hotel Group LLC; and Susan Hirt, PhD, Senior Consultant and Analyst, Talent Plus

West Paces has established an operating culture, philosophy & technique that translate into operational effi ciencies, record sales, profi ts, employee retention & customer satisfaction. They are in business to create value & unparalleled results for owners & customers delivering reliable, genuinely caring & timely service through respected & empowered employees, in an environment of belonging & purpose with uncompromising values, honor and integrity.

13:45, FORUM 6 hall 5.2

Leadership and Self-Deception: The People Secret

Michael Lazan, Managing Director, The Arbinger Institute


There is something deeper than behavior – something beneath our words and our actions that determines our effectiveness and the success of our organizations. While people typically spend signifi cant energy and resources trying to improve their outward behaviors and strategies, they remain largely ignorant of this more important, deeper issue. We will clearly explain what this “something deeper” is, and why getting it right is vital for achieving exceptional organizational results.

14:45, FORUM 7 hall 5.2

Live co-active coaching session

Ute Küffner and Johannes Entz von Zerssen, Owner of Schouten Co-activity GmbH

Experience the power of coaching. In this clinic you will take the fi rst inspiring steps in the area of co-active coaching. You will learn more about co-active coaching and practise some skills yourself. Thus you will experience the effect of asking the right questions, listening as a coach and giving feedback in a coaching conversation. Using your intuition plays an important part in this process. The trainers will do a coaching demonstration which will make it possible for you to experience the power of coactive coaching.

15:30, FORUM 7, hall 5.2

HR in India!

Ms. Saagarika, Chief People Offi cer, Reliance BIG Entertainment Private Limited, Andheri (East), Mumbai, India

16:30, FORUM 3, hall 5.1

HR in India!

Mr. Sanjay Muthal, President Human Resources, Nicholas Piramal India Limited, Mumbai, India