Zappoint – die Währung für Recuiter

Eine Spannende Idee, Zapoint hat einen Algorithmus entwickelt, wie man Lebensläufe in Zahlen umwandelt, d.h. einzelne Stationen, Leistungen und Wissen der Kandidaten so bewertet, das diese vergleichbar werden. ……spannender Ansatz. Dies wird ermöglichen große Mengen von Bewerbungen und Lebensläufen automatisisert zu bearbeiten. Bin gespannt ob sich das in den USA durchsetzt.

"How can any economic structure be efficient without a common currency? At its most successful a strong currency will see market forces dominate and allow market actors to exploit competitive and cost advantage. The opposite of a strong currency is multiple currencies or, horror of horrors, a barter and trade system. Two thousand years ago Europe (at least in geographical definition) emerged as a global economic powerhouse as single currencies emerged. It only took another two thousand years to consolidate those currencies further. The Euro is a classic example of the strength of a single unit of comparison.

All economists would agree that a single currency is the best way to trade within a single territorial area. It provides a foundation for comparison and reduces the risk of buying decisions. A currency does not have to be cash to be effective but it does need to be consistent.

What on earth happened to the recruitment industry?

The recruitment industry has been in existence for over 500 years but it has thrived and grown in the last five decades. Going through a revolution in the 90's with the emergence of the internet, recruiters could now access a talent pool of millions. Today this industry is worth over $14bn with the internet grabbing over 70% of those revenues. Sounds good doesn't it?

Let's take a closer look at this industry. Why does it exist? The simple answer is to help the right candidate find the right employment opportunity. I can't stress enough the importance of the use of 'right' in the previous sentence (it is so important that it is used twice). We are all different, each with our own mix of xxxxxxx. Shouldn't it be easy for recruiters to pick the RIGHT person for the job? Here we find the problem and we circle back to our currency hypothesis.

How does the recruitment industry measure value? Recruiters are looking for achievement and skills. The combination of those two credentials is the currency of the recruitment industry. How do we, as candidates, choose to represent that currency? We write resumes and these become the notes we trade for the opportunity of new employment.

Now look at this from the perspective of the recruiter or anyone who is comparing multiple candidates. All the resumes in the pile are different. If that pile were 100 resumes tall (not a large pile at all) it would take a seasoned recruiter two days to make a reasonable comparison. The results would still be largely subjective and there are not efficiencies of scale - more resumes means more time.


The founders of Zapoint looked at this challenge and saw the opportunity to create a single, consistent and recognizable currency for the recruitment and talent management industry. We weren't interested in creating a flashy resume template that only added color and pictures to an already frustrating process. We are all engineers at Zapoint and we saw the solution to this problem in changing a person's resume into numbers, because numbers you can compare and once you can compare - Bingo! You have a currency!

Zapoint has defined an algorithm that analyzes a person's skills and achievement and presents the results in an objective and comparable format. That's where the fun begins."

Beste Grüße

Alexander Petsch

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