Zukunftskompetenzen und die Lernende Organisation

The world seems to become more complex with constant and fast-paced technological changes and innovations. To cope with these changes, it is necessary to weave learning into an organization’s strategic core. The importance of organizational learning and a lack thereof was highlighted throughout the pandemic. But what does organizational learning even mean and what role do stakeholders play?
This keynote will provide an overview of how learning has developed in organizations and why it is crucial in leading future organizations. Although learning is often side-lined, it builds the foundation to deal with changes, from sustainability transformations to digital and technological innovations. How we comprehend information, use knowledge, and drive innovation, is dependent on how we learn, individually and with others.

Über Dr. Angelika Salmen

Angelika is an educator with multiple years of experience teaching at University level. She is also experienced in developing and delivering professional and executive training programs. Her expertise is on how organizations can learn, future competencies, and how learning can be utilized to drive sustainability initiatives and transformations in organizations.

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