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What is a Proactive Sourcing Mindset & why do you need one?

25.03.2021 09:00 Uhr

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Sourcing has to be a key focus for every HR & Talent Acquisition Team for 2021, and beyond. Nowadays, there is great competition for the best talent from a global perspective. Candidates, and Businesses, have realised that working from home is a reality, and is here to stay, so does it matter if the Employees are not in the same country as their Employers? The war for Talent just kicked up a notch, but if you have the ability to attract, and retain, the best Talent, you will be able to win this battle. This is a session not to miss for those companies who want to put Talent Sourcing Teams in place in order to identify the best Talent, before their Competitors do…

Über Vanessa Raath

Vanessa Raath is an international Talent Sourcing Trainer who is passionate about training Recruiters to source thebest talent, more effectively and efficiently, than their competitors. She has trained a large number of recruitmentagencies, as well as many internal Talent Acquisition Teams, to be better Talent Sourcers. Vanessa also still actively works as a Talent Sourcer and she has clients based across the globe. She knows that bystaying active and operational in this space, she is better equipped to train others to source candidates better. Shespecializes in the Tech space as this is where her experience lies.