Highlight von der HR Tech Conference / USA

Hier das laut Debbie McGrath, Chief Instigator (ich liebe es) von hr.com das Highlight der HR Tech Conference and Expo in Chicago / USA, das ich Ihnen nicht vorenthalten möchte:

Jobs2Web: Clearly the best find at HR Tech was someone who wasn’t even exhibiting. Doug Berg, serial entrepreneur [techies.com, hotgigs] and currently the CEO of Jobs2Web, has developed an interactive recruitment marketing platform that integrates with the current talent acquisition systems and provides a comprehensive suite of products that helps firms market their jobs to very targeted audiences. Using tools such as campaign management system, integration to over 20 Web 2.0 type products’, detailed measurements and metrics, this tool focuses on search engine optimization for key positions within the firm. With over 125 firms on this platform, its software as a service model could be the job board killer app. This tool does not replace your typical talent acquisition system that sits on top of it as a dedicated sourcing engine.

woman standing near projector screen
Foto von Van Tay Media