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How to use LinkedIn for business development (4 tips for recruiters)

22.03.2023 09:00 Uhr

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What if I told you that the best recruitment teams in the world right now are not: ❌ Spending all day cold calling ❌ Scrolling for hours on LinkedIn But instead following a simple, repeatable process on LinkedIn that: ✅ Reduces the need for cold calls ✅ Positions their entire team as niche experts ✅ Future-proofs their business ✅ Increases their revenue on LI Would you like to find out more about this process? Join my session and I will walk you through the following: ✔️ How to make the most of LinkedIn ✔️ Modern business development and how it works ✔️ How recruiters can generate more business using LinkedIn

Über Sean Anderson

Sean Anderson is the Founder and CEO of Hoxo, the recruitment industry’s leading branding agency, and The Personal Brand Academy, a programme coaching hundreds of clients and training thousands of recruitment consultants around the world on how to build a brand that wins business on LinkedIn.

Sean is an active presence on LinkedIn, creating daily content, free masterclasses, content clinics, and taster sessions every month, as well as new episodes of The RAG Podcast airing live every week.