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“Hacks for a better learning design” with Lars Hyland (Episode #114; english)

What are learning design and action learning? How should organisations provide content within a context? Why is it important for companies to ensure their HR functions do not operate in silos? How can organisations leverage AI for productivity and performance benefits?

In the first ever HRM Hacks English language podcast episode, Lars Hyland, Managing Director EMEA at Totara, talks about learning design with Alexander Petsch, founder of the HRM Institute.

Lars Hyland is a well-known HR and workplace learning expert from Brighton with over 30 years of experience in the planning and execution of learning programmes and performance improvement solutions. In his role as Managing Director EMEA at Totara he is responsible for bringing the company’s Talent Experience Platform to market. The Talent Experience Platform unifies and aligns an organisation’s learning, performance and engagement activities to improve productivity and talent retention.

In today’s podcast episode Lars Hyland provides the listeners with valuable tips and tricks on how to enhance their organisation’s learning outcomes by employing performance management processes and methods. Among the hacks presented are:

“The emphasis is placed on deliberate practice of the learning content.”
“Introduce feedback from peers, team leaders, and managers.”
“Learning design should be implemented within the hiring, onboarding, as well as exiting process.”