Moving the biggest elephant

There are 3 big elephants in your L&D room, and a fourth sneaky elephant, making a mess.The biggest elephant is Learning Transfer.For all the great work we do in the virtual or traditional classroom, research shows that only a small amount of the information delivered gets used effectively back in the workplace.That’s a problem! And we often ignore it, so it’s an elephant-sized problem!

Über Paul Matthews

Paul Matthews is one of the leading Learning & Development experts, with three best-selling books to his name. An accomplished keynote speaker, he speaks around the world on a diverse range of topics. He brings L&D to life with stories from his extensive travels that fascinate and inspire. He is known for reducing complex theory down to practical tools and sharing them in a way that everyone can use to get better results. As well as being a sought-after speaker, Paul provides consultancy services, training workshops and webinars for blue-chip clients in the UK and beyond.Paul’s very passionate about the L&D industry and recognises it as an incredible potential leverage point to make a difference in people’s lives. Yet this leverage is so often wasted. He wants to use his extensive knowledge and experience to help you enhance the success of your organisation’s L&D performance – and, as a result, change lives.On a personal note, Paul grew up on a hill country farm in New Zealand and, like many Kiwis, went on to travel the world. He climbed Mount Kilimanjaro twice, crossed the Sahara three times and the Himalayas eight times. Following his travels, he got a ‘real job’ culminating in a global C-suite role in a multinational IT company. In 1999 he left the corporate world to found People Alchemy which specialises in niche learning software.

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