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From Start-up to Stand-up: Growing up fast using HR Tech for L&D

18.05.2022 11:30 Uhr

This keynote focuses on a way forward to champion career growth to increase talent retention, internal mobility, and talent engagement across fast-growing businesses.

Über Cindy Rubbens

Cindy Rubbens, originally from Belgium, lives with her husband and two kids in Berlin. Holding a Masters in MA Media with focus on Consumerism, Cindy first worked in the London Art Scene having had roles in sales, marketing, art curation and gallery management, before delving herself into the London start-up scene and consequently in HR. Wanting to prove to herself that she is as entrepreneurial as the start-up founders she has worked for, she founded her own company HR-Tech.io. Today Cindy works full-time for Relayr which is the 6th award-winning start-up she has joined. Cindy’s focus is on building a strong company culture where employees can weather any challenge. Together with her team she builds leaders at all levels of the organization and enables these leaders to be accountable for business, engagement, and people growth. She accomplishes this thanks to her focus on the end-result, her contagious enthusiasm and dislike towards waste in any form and shape. She coined the phrase “In the absence of choice, everything is possible” as this is how she has seen founders and teams stretch themselves and deliver. Cindy experienced every start-up stage from founding to IPO. Prior to being Senior Vice President at relayr Cindy was Director People & Culture at Amorelie, Chief People Officer at Marley Spoon, Head of HR at DaWanda, payleven (SumUp) and Mendeley ltd (Elsevier). Cindy Co-Chairs the „HR Innovation Award“, is guest lecturer, mentor and speaker. In her free time she plays piano, creates her own jewelry, loves working out using fitness apps, and skateboards.