Das Infopaket enthält MBA-Modulbeschreibungen, u.a.:


Diversity Management and Labour Market Integration

General Management
Municipal Management
Energy Management

Die Module sind jeweils:

Module 1: Management Skills (MSK)
1.1 Personnel and Knowledge Management
1.2 Process and Quality Management
1.3 Project and Change Management
1.4 Diversity and Cross Cultural Management

Module 2: Fundamentals of Business Administration
2.1 Corporate Management and Marketing
2.2 Investment and Corporate Financing
2.3 Production Management and Logistics
2.4 Controlling and Business Taxation

Module 3: Sustainable Management Aspects
3.1 Innovation and Resources Management
3.2 Performance Measurement and Management
3.3 Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics
3.4 Value and Risk Management

Module 4: Managing Diversity and Integration
4.1 Case Management and Integration of disabled Persons
4.2 Labour Market Balance and Placement Management
4.3 Web-based Job Search and Placement Strategies
4.4 Active Job Sourcing

Module 5: Contemporary Issues
5.1 Gender Management
5.2 Coaching and Networking
5.3 Self Management and Leadership
5.4 Communication and Motivation

Module 6: Scientific Work
6.1 Research Methodology
6.2 Term Paper

Module 7: Master Thesis
7.1 Master Thesis Realization
7.2 Thesis Defense

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Es werden diese neuen Business-Modelle vorgestellt:

• Sharing Economy
• Collaborative Consumption
• Swapping, Sharing and Lending Models
• Product Service Systems
• Success factors and barriers of new
business models for sustainability
• Sustainability impacts, such as
emisisons savings as well as´rebound-­‐effects
• Peer-­‐to-­‐Peer approaches
• Business-­‐to-­‐Consumer models
• Business-­‐to-­‐Business models
• Scaling-­‐up strategies for sharing models
• Framework conditions for making Framework
conditions for making a Sharing Economy work,
such as technological enablers, political frameworks,

Das Script "CSR Praxiswerkstatt" zeigt praktische Anwendungen von
Instrumenten zur Entwicklung einer CSR-­Strategie).