New Generation of Employer Branding Videos – Low Cost, High Impact!

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Do effective employer branding videos really have to cost more than 1.000 EUR?

To be honest, if you’re a NASDAQ, DAX or Fortune 500 listed company, you will want to provide an adequate marketing budget to promote your benefits as an employee in an elaborate video. But how about the other 99% of upcoming companies that battle for young professionals and highly qualified experts? Also, if you are looking for creative people, wouldn’t a viral video sometimes be more effective in addressing your target group of dynamic marketers than providing a budget with which you could almost finance a Hollywood production?

Many top video production companies are offering corporate films and employer branding videos to a fairly low price of around 5.000 EUR, and while this is often a very good deal, it still is too much for some companies. Especially if a company only provides the budget for ONE major video, but marketing, sales and human resource divisions have different needs in terms of the video content, a much cheaper solution is needed that provides for different videos to a cheaper price.

Convima, a small online marketing company that specializes in video content production has a different concept. Their business idea recently came amongst Germany’s top 20 online marketing companies in the Innovationspreis 2009, an award given to innovative companies that provide solutions for small- and medium sized enterprises.

In a nutshell, Convima uses existing content that the customers provide (either inhouse or via existing partners) to turn that into video. Content sources can be images, presentations, existing video material, 3D product illustrations or the company’s website.
You could now argue that some companies could use screen-recording to capture content and turn it into videos themselves, which without a doubt, is the cheapest option. Producing high impact videos, however, is a very complex task, so most people either simply do not have the time to learn how to use such software. Others lack the ability to write a good script or to do a professional voice over or to render or convert movies into a professional employer branding video that can be used on a website, for Google video ads and other online marketing strategies.

This is another crucial point: online marketing strategies – because investing into a high resolution branding video looks nice, but it doesn’t get the message out there and you still don’t have the exposure you need to catch the right people! Convima, for instance, combines both services, they create the video content and distribute it in such a search engine-optimizing way that their clients really get what they want: Great exposure and awareness and the applicants to job vacancies understand what the company offer as an employer.

For more information, you can check out their website ( or watch out for their upcoming white paper on the subject.

About Convima – Video Content For Your Online Marketing Mix:

The online marketing agency Convima combines outstanding knowledge from the online marketing world, business consulting and video production. The emerging synergies coming from marketing know-how, conceptual understanding, technical talent as well as video production experience offers a comprehensive service for their customers.